rig pa 'dzin pa

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wisdom of mahasukha = rig pa, grasping that by profound upaya is rig pa 'dzin pa [IW]

rig 'dzin; Vidyadhara, knowledge-holder, holder of intrinsic awareness. [RY]

SA rig 'dzin [JV]

Vidyadhara. 'Knowledge-holder.' Holder (dhara) or bearer of knowledge (vidya) mantra. A realized master on one of the four stages on the tantric path of Mahayoga, the tantric equivalent of the eleven levels. Another definition is: Bearer of the profound method, the knowledge which is the wisdom of deity, mantra and great bliss [RY]

vidyadhara [IW]

master/ holder of awareness/ one who has mastered (the recognition of) awareness/ upholds awareness/ awareness holder/ vidyadhara [RB]