sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad

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Eight Practice Lineages. (RY)

Eight Great Chariots of the Practice Lineage. The eight independent schools of Buddhism that flourished in Tibet: 1. Nyingma, 2. Kadam, 3. Marpa Kagyu, 4. Shangpa Kagyu, 5. Sakya, 6. Jordruk, 7. Shije and Chö (counted as one), and 8. Nyendrub, . (RY)

Eight Chariots of the Practice Lineage. (RY)

8 practice lineages. (IW)

Eight Chariots of Spiritual Accomplishment. (RY)

Chariots of Spiritual Accomplishment, Eight. (RY)

Eight chariots of the practice lineages (sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad).

  1. Nyingma (rnying ma),
  2. Kadam (bka' gdams),
  3. Sakya (sa skya),
  4. Marpa Kagyu (mar pa bka' brgyud),
  5. Shangpa Kagyu (shangs pa bka' brgyud),
  6. Shije (zhi byed) and Chöd (gcod),
  7. Kalachakra or Jordrug (dus 'khor or (sbyor drug), and
  8. Orgyen Nyengyu (o rgyan bsnyen brgyud).

For a collection of instructions and empowerments related to these eight chariots, see Damngag Dzo.