shes bzhin

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attentiveness, 1 of 6 stobs, continuously paying attention, mindfulness of the realization, consciously, introspection, state of knowing, vigilance, mental faculty of guarding the meditative process, awareness, 2 types are shes bzhin tsam po ba & shes bzhin chen po [JV]

alert(ness); attentive(ness); isc.vigilant [RB]

Sheshin, in Domey [RY]

1) shes shes pa, knowingly, deliberately; 2) again and again examine body and mind, introspection; 3) conscientiousness; 4) attentiveness, [cognitive] alertness [IW]

1) alertness, watchfulness; self-possession, attentiveness, introspective alertness, vigilance. sems 'jog pa mental placement. conscience, conscious, cognitive alertness, introspection, awareness; conscientiousness, attentiveness, introspective alertness. self-possession, vigilance, self-possession, 2) knowingly, conscientious, on purpose, willfully [RY]

inspection [RY]