sngon 'gro

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Ngondro; preliminary (practice); preliminaries, Preliminary Practices, preparation, preliminary section; introduction, prerequisite, prelude, primary, the foundations, forerunner, preparatory to, forerunner. (RY)

Preliminaries. The general outer preliminaries are the Four Mind Changings: reflections on precious human body, impermanence and death, cause and effect of karma, and the shortcomings of samsaric existence. The special inner preliminaries are the Four Times Hundred Thousand Practices of refuge and bodhichitta, Vajrasattva recitation, mandala offering, and Guru Yoga. See Jamgon Kongtrul's "The Torch of Certainty" (Shambhala Publications), The Words of My Perfect Teacher; and The Great Gate (Rangjung Yeshe Publications). (RY)

preliminary (practice). (RB)

preliminary, preparatory, introduction, preliminary practices, precursor, foundation, basic, elementary, precede, as regards the preliminary phases, preliminary, prerequisite, preliminaries, preliminary section, preliminaries, preliminary. (JV}

preliminary practices; [detailed expl., The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 68]. (RY)

The [required] preliminary practice, introduction, prerequisite, prelude, the foundations, preparation, forerunner, preparatory to, ngondro. (IW)