tshangs chen

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the Abode of Maha Brahma [RY]

tshangs pa chen po. [realm in the bsam gtan dang po [RY]

great pure ones heaven, 1 of gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun [JV]

The [gods] in the Abode of Maha Brahma; Mipham Rinpoche: phyin ci log gi lta ba can ste thams cad bdag gis byas so snyam du sems pas 'phags pa dag der mi skye bas zag med kyi sdom pa skye ba med ces bye smras 'dod, theg chen las byang sems rnams der skye ba bzhes pa yod par bzhed do The [gods] in the Abode of Maha Brahma harbor the mistaken view of thinking: �Everything is created by me!� Thus, the Vaibhashikas hold that these gods do not obtain the undefiling vow since noble ones do not take birth there. According to the Mahayana, it is held that bodhisattvas do accept rebirth in that realm. [RY]

Great brahma, mahabrahma [IW]