bka' stsal pa

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(high honorific); pf. of bka' stsal ba. 1) spoke, had thus spoken, said, replied, bestowed a reply. 2) to be so gracious as to tell, to relate, to inform. 3) command. RY

replied bcom ldan 'das kyis bka' stsal pa the Bhagavan replied. RY

said. RY

affirmation, command, give expression to. JV

bcom ldan 'das kyis bka' stsal pa The Buddha replied, (or, responded)... RY

The Buddha then said to them, RY

(the Bhagavan) replied... RY

had thus spoken/ commanded. [h] IW

to be so gracious as to tell/ relate/ inform; to bestow a reply (honorific.) RB

The Buddha replied,... RY