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as if rang gi bu mo ltar rgyan gos dang bcas phul decked her out in fine clothes and jewels as if she were his own daughter and offered her [to the king]. [RY]

likewise . . . ; according to . . . ; just as (in the case of) . . . ; similary, . . . [RB]

in the same way, - [RY]

according to, like, as, after the, manner of, SA lta, lta bu, 'dra, 'dra ba, in conformity with, in accordance with, in the same way, just like in the, as if, likewise, at the end of a sentence means "since" giving the reason for the consequences, almost, just about, quite like, accordingly, just like a, since. [JV]

according to, in accordance with, as, like, similar to, in order to see, imitation, simulacrum, every. [IW]

1) according to, in accordance with, as, as in the case of, corresponding, in a parallel sense. 2) like, as, likewise, similar to, just as, in the same way, similarly, accordingly. 3) in order to see. 4) seemingly, thus. [RY]