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klu sgrub kyi thugs sras bdun - The seven spiritual sons of Nagarjuna. 1) {sha kya mi tra}. Sakyamitra. 2) {na ga bo dhi}. Nagabodhi 3) 'phags pa lha}. Aryadeva 4) {ma tang ki}. Matangi 5) {sangs rgyas bskyangs}. Buddhapalita 6) {legs ldan 'byed}. Bhavaviveka 7) {slob dpon dpa' bo}. Ashvagosha [RY]

'grel ba bud dha pa la ta - the commentator Buddhapalita, {sangs rgyas bskyangs} [RY]

sgyu ma rigs grub pa'i dbu ma pa - Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {snang ba la spros pa rnam par bcad pa'i yongs gcod don dam bden par 'dod pa ste sangs rgyas bskyangs sogs so} "Those who assert the thorough elimination which eliminates elaborations with respect to appearances as ultimate truth, Buddhapalita and so forth." [RY]

thal gyur pa - Prasangika, see {dbu ma thal gyur pa} the "Consequentialist" system / school of Madhyamaka, founded by Buddhapalita and disseminated by Chandrakirti, a Consequentialist, a Madhyamika who mainly states refutations of an opponent's assertion of any of the four extremes through the expression of a correct contradictory consequence [RY]

sangs rgyas skyangs - Buddhapalita, "Buddha guardian, name of the founder of the Prasangika-Madhyamaka system in first half of 5th century A.D [RY]

sangs rgyas bskyangs - c. 450 B.C.? - Buddhapalita [RY]