Choying Dzo

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@#/_/chos dbyings rin po che'i mdzod ces bya ba bzhugs so/_/

@##/_/rgya gar skad du/_d+harma d+hA tu rat+na ko Sha nA ma/_
bod skad du/_chos dbyings rin po che'i mdzod ces bya ba/_

dpal kun tu bzang po la phyag 'tshal lo/_

Chapter 1

Choying Dzo - Chapter 1 On how samsara and nirvana do not stray from basic space.

Chapter 2

Choying Dzo - Chapter 2 On how the universe of appearances arises as a pure realm.

Chapter 3

Choying Dzo - Chapter 3 On the metaphors for awakened mind.

Chapter 4

Choying Dzo - Chapter 4 On the nature of awakened mind.

Chapter 5

Choying Dzo - Chapter 5 On the transcendence of effort and achievement, cause and effect.

Chapter 6

Choying Dzo - Chapter 6 On how everything is found within awakened mind.

Chapter 7

Choying Dzo - Chapter 7 On how everything is eternally and spontaneously present in awakened mind.

Chapter 8

Choying Dzo - Chapter 8 On the non-duality of awakened mind.

Chapter 9

Choying Dzo - Chapter 9 On the transcendence of all phenomena within the expanse of awakened mind.

Chapter 10

Choying Dzo - Chapter 10 On how enlightened understanding does not stray from the inner nature of phenomena.

Chapter 11

Choying Dzo - Chapter 11 On how events and appearances equal to space are all pure.

Chapter 12

Choying Dzo - Chapter 12 On how all phenomena within awakened mind are timelessly-liberated by nature

Chapter 13

Choying Dzo - Chapter 13 On how all phenomena within awakened mind are eternally buddhahood, and are buddhahood without effort or achievement


Choying Dzo - Afterward