Dedication of Merit

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sgrub thabs - Sadhana. 'Means of accomplishment.' Tantric liturgy and procedure for practice usually emphasizing the development stage. The typical sadhana structure involves a preliminary part including the taking of refuge and arousing bodhichitta, a main part involving visualization of a buddha and recitation of the mantra, and a concluding part with dedication of merit to all sentient beings [RY]

bsngo rten - offering to act as support for a dedication of merit [usually on someone's behalf] [RY]

bsngo smon - dedication of merit and prayers of aspiration [RY]

spyod 'jug gi le'u bcu - Ten Chapters of the Introduction to the Conduct of a Bodhisattva. The beneficial attributes of enlightened mind {byang sems kyi phan yon bzhad pa} or bodhichittanushamsa, repentance for sins {sdig pa bshags pa'i le'u} or papadeshana, seizing the enlightened mind {byang sems yongs bzung} or bodhi chittaparigraha, vigilance with respect to enlightened mind {bag yod bstan pa} or bodhichittapramada, the guarding of awareness {shes bzhin bsrung ba} or samprajanyarakshana, the transcendental perfections of patience {bzod pa bstan pa} or kshantiparamita, the transcendental perfection of perseverance {brtson 'grus bstan pa} or Virya paramita, the transcendental perfection of concentration {bsam gtan bstan pa} or dhyana paramita, the transcendental perfection of discriminative awareness {shes rab le'u} or prajnaparamita, and the dedication of merit {bsngo ba} or parinamana. [GM] [RY]