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mdo chen pa nor bu bde chen

Short biography

Norbu Dechen (17th c.) - He was taken to karye to see yolmowa Tenzin Norbu and was named Norbu Dechen. He is prophesized by master Padmasambhava as an incarnation of Namkhei Nyingpo "who will be born near Palbar and will be named Dechen. Who will have a mole in the middle of the chest, He will flourish his family lineage and will please Padmasambhava", in the treasure revealed by Terton Dudul Dorji. His main teachers are Yolmowa Tenzin Norbu, his own father Namkha Sengye, Pabar Drubtop Paksam Yeshe, Dakarwa Karma Losal, Reachen Karma Chophel, Linwapa Gyalthang Silnon Dorji, Lowopa Kunsang Longyang, Gomnyon Chakdor Norbu, Terton Garwang Dorji etc. He also studied astrology and he perfected it. He composed a brief practice of Gutrul Trowo and some others. His composition on the brief practice of Gutrul Trowo pleased the king of Terton Gyurmey Dorji when it was send to mindroling.

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