Ngari Terton Pema Garwang Dorje

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mnga' ris gter ston pad ma gar dbang rdo rje

Short biography

Ngari Terton Padma Garwang Dorje Tsal (1640-1685), This master has been seen either as an incarnation of both Namkhai Nyingpo and Nyag Jnanakumara, two of Padmasambhava’s heart sons, or an incarnation of Nanam Dorje Dudjom. Padma Garwang, who is also known as Dawa Gyeltsen, was born in Ngari at Nubri-yam in 1640. As a child he practiced the sadhanas of Avalokiteshvara and experienced many visions and auspicious signs. In Kyimolung Valley, he found a text about Vajrasattva, (Tibetan: Dor SemThukyi Melong). This was originally revealed by Rigzen Godem and then rehidden for Padma Garwang to bring forth. Other treasures came from the statue of Avalokiteshvara known as Jowo Pagpa Wati, rescued from destruction in 1960 and now on the shrine of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The six volumes of Garwang Dorje's treasures containing the three categories of guru yoga, Great Compassion (Thuje Chenpo) and Great Perfection (Dzog Chen), were authenticated by the Fifth Dalai Lama.

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  • Outline by Gene Smith for the rdo rje phur pa spu gri reg gcod skor[1]
  • gar dbang rdo rje - mnga' ris gter ston (1640-1685); revealed {zab tig chos dbyings rang grol} [RY]
  • mnga' ris gter ston gar dbang rdo rje - (1640-1685); revealed {zab tig chos dbyings rang grol} [RY]
  • zab tig chos dbyings rang grol gyi sgrub skor - a cycle of rdzogs chen practice from the revelations of {mnga' ris gter ston gar dbang rdo rje} (1640-1685). [RY]

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