Drubchen Rindzongpa Wangchuk Gyaltsen

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Drubchen Rindzongpa Wangchuk Gyaltsen (b. 1317) was born near the sacred mountain of Gyalkyi Shri. He moved to Rindzong at an early age to study under his uncle. At age nine he took novice ordination, at age twenty he was ordained fully. Having heard of the great fame of Jagchen Jampa Pal, he went to see him and request teachings and transmissions from him. He received the full transmission of the Jagpa lineage of Shangpa Kagyu teachings from him and excelled in the practices of the Six Doctrines of Niguma. Rindzongpa became particularly proficient in Dream Yoga. He had visions in which Jagchen Jampa Pal transformed into Khedrub Tsangma Shangtön. At the extremely high age of 88 he traveled the difficult and treacherous paths to Lapchi in order to transmit the remaining teachings of the Shangpa lineage to his student Lapchiwa Namkha Gyaltsen.


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