Five Tantra Classes

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The Deities of the Five Tantra Classes

rgyud sde lnga; rgyud sde lha lnga - the "five tantra classes"; or "deities of the five tantra classes"

The main yidam practice of the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. It brings the deities of the Guhyasamaja-, Mahamaya-, Hevajra-, Cakrasamvara- and Vajrabhairava-tantras into a single mandala, imagined within the body of Cakrasamvara. Khedrub Khyungpo Naljor received the transmission for this practice several times from various masters, first from one of his six main teachers, the Indian pandita Vajrasanapa. A very profound and efficient practice which brings about experience and realization swiftly.

Jamgon Kongtrul mentions in his instruction manual:

"The learned and accomplished Khyungpo Naljor said 'Laden with lots of gold, I travelled all parts of India - its east, south, west and north - but not anywhere did I find instructions more profound or to the point than these.' Three times did he swear to the truth of this statement! He also said 'Put this into practice! If signs of success do not appear in due course, Vajradhara and I will have deceived you. If you practice this continously, you will go to the pure realms after three years. This is for sure!'" [TSD]