Ground Luminosity

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dngos - 1) reality, real, actual, incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, concrete, to exist actually to have real existence, proper, fully, concreteness, manifest, ture, in person, reality, embodiment, concreteness, embodiment. 2) abbr. {dngos po} 3) ground luminosity, substance, thing. 4) has himself // true; the main; actuality; actual expression/ presence; actual, real [RY]

dngos - real[ity], [real] existence (existent)/thing, matter, material, (objective entity, substance, substantiality, property, goods, given thing, perceivable entity serving as a base for cognition/ imputation, substance, substantial entity, functional/ effective thing, that which is able to perform a function, subject, category, that which corresponds to the meaning of a word, fact, phenomena, activity, being, essence, article (in a household, (conditioned entity, {yod pa}, {ngo bo}, nature, {dgongs pa}, meaning, solidity, impermanent thing, objects, Bhava, (8th year, male wood dog, topic, exist[ent], ground luminosity, actual[ity], incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, proper, full, concrete[ness], manifest, the main [aspect], embodiment; 1) direct, in person, face to face unconcealed perception; 2) directly, not through another; 3) not made up/ false but true/ original, genuine [IW]

'chi dus kyi 'od gsal - luminosity of the time of death [ground luminosity] [IW]

nyer thob gzhi'i 'od gsal - ground luminosity of full attainment [RY]

dang po'i 'od gsal - First luminosity. The ground luminosity of primordial purity [RY]

gnas lugs gzhi'i 'od gsal - ground luminosity of the natural state [RY]

bar do dang po - First bardo. Usually the moment of "ground luminosity." [RY]

bar do dang po gzhi'i 'od gsal - ground luminosity of the 1st bardo [IW]

ma'i 'od gsal - Mother luminosity. The ground luminosity of the natural state inherent as the enlightened essence of all sentient beings [RY]

gzhi'i 'od gsal - the basic luminosity, ground luminosity. Syn {chos sku}, {ma'i 'od gsal}. the Clear Light of the ground [RY]

gzhi'i 'od gsal - 'chi ba 'od gsal,// . basic luminosity, ground luminosity (syn. {chos sku. {ma'i 'od gsal} [IW]

gzhi'i 'od gsal ka dag chos kyi sku - the primordially pure dharmakaya of ground luminosity [RY]