Innate Nature

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dngos po'i gshis lugs - the innate nature of things; reality [RY]

chos kun gyi chos nyid - innate nature of all phenomena [RY]

chos nyid - 1) nature, innate nature, true nature of reality, dharmata, real condition of existence, reality, isness, nature-of-things, fact, [absolute / true nature], nature of things, the actual nature of phenomena, real nature. 2) quality, character, law, pure being, [in context of ultimate nature] - nature [in mundane context]. the great emptiness of all things. the ultimate content of what is. dharmata, reality; pure being, (in context of ultimate nature) - nature [in mundane context] [RY]

chos nyid 'gyur med - unchanging innate nature [RY]

chos nyid mngon sum - Manifest Dharmata, innate nature in actuality; visionary appearance of actual reality; actual/ direct perception of true nature of reality [RY]

chos nyid mnyam pa chen po - the great equality of this innate nature [RY]

chos nyid mnyam pa nyid nyag gcig - single equality of the innate nature [RY]

chos nyid nam mkha' lta bu - the sky-like innate nature [RY]

chos nyid gzigs tshul - the way of seeing the innate nature [RY]

chos nyid bsal bzhag dang bral pa - the innate nature which lies beyond something to be added or removed [RY]

chos dbyings kyi rang bzhin - the innate nature of the all-embracing expanse of reality/ dharmadhatu, the phenomenal nature of dharmadhatu [IW]

chos dbyings kyi rang bzhin - the innate nature of the all-embracing expanse of reality [RY]

gnyug ma - real, genuine, unconceptualizable reality, natural, original, authentic, not artificial, innate, peculiar, absolute, essential, innate nature, innate, intrinsic, innate, natural state [JV]

gnyug ma'i gshis - the innate nature [RY]

byin rlabs don gyi brgyud pa - true lineage of blessings, blessed transmission of the ultimate / innate nature; the ultimate blessing lineage [RY]

rang bzhin babs - innate nature/ natural state of utter relaxation [RB]

gshis gnyug ma - the innate nature [RY]

gshis gnyug ma'i - the innate nature [IW]

lhan cig skyes pa'i ma rig pa - coemergent ignorance, intrinsic unknowing. The lack of knowledge of one's own nature. Ignorance which is coemergent with our innate nature and remains present as the potential for confusion to arise when meeting with the right conditions [RY]