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ngo bo - essence, pure fact, being, facticity, facticity of being, fact of ultimate nature of things, lack of any specifically characterizable being, fact of being, state of being what it comes down to, at bottom, in fact, entity, substance, intrinsic nature, identity, identity of things, essence or emptiness aspect of primordial base, fundamental condition, true nature, One of the chos gsum, in fact, real substance, entity, identity, natural state [JV]

ngo bo nyid - factuality, temperament, character, essential nature, fundamental nature, the real condition of, ultimate nature, the essence itself [JV]

chos sku - two aspects (1 being-as-such, absolute value-being, the ultimate, noetic being, spirituality-as-such, presence of Buddhahood as a possibility of actual being, pure fact of being and its presence in and as the awareness of it, 2 the experience of being in one's own existence, noetic mode in man divested of all bias and presupposition, a way of existing as a goal achieved, authentic situationality, the feeling of being as a genuine presence, meaning of being inseparable from its stratum felt in experience, embodying wholeness, dimension of essence, the true ultimate nature of mind and of consciousness, reality dimension of awakening [JV]

chos nyid - ultimate particular point-instant, aesthetic object apart from beliefs about it, the real thing at hand, the thing in question, the actuality, the datum, authentic reality, reality, being qua being, concrete universal, state of being what is reality itself, the ultimate content of what is, absolute nature of existents, innate, quality, nature, existence, entity, nature of things, essence of existence in its pure and absolute reality, ultimate nature, ultimate nature of phenomena, true nature, true nature of existence, fundamental reality, nature of existence, nature of phenomena [JV]

chos nyid - 1) nature, innate nature, true nature of reality, dharmata, real condition of existence, reality, isness, nature-of-things, fact, [absolute / true nature], nature of things, the actual nature of phenomena, real nature. 2) quality, character, law, pure being, [in context of ultimate nature] - nature [in mundane context]. the great emptiness of all things. the ultimate content of what is. dharmata, reality; pure being, [in context of ultimate nature) - nature [in mundane context] [RY]

chos nyid - 1) rang bzhin, nature; 2) the nature emptiness, dharmata [real condition of existence, nature, reality, isness, nature of things, fact, absolute true nature, quality, character, law, pure being, (in context of ultimate nature) - nature (in mundane context) the great emptiness of all things, the ultimate content of what is. See Longchenpa, Treasury of Supreme Vehicle, p 82] [IW]

chos nyid - dharmata, real condition of existence, the very nature of things, ultimate nature of phenomena, suchness, reality itself, the truth itself, nature of all which is, the actual state of things, meaningfulness of being, pre-reflective-nonthematic aspect of being, internal logic of being, meaning-as-such, pure experience as meaningfulness of being, absolutely real [JV]

chos nyid kyi thig le - sphere of the ultimate nature of phenomena [JV]

chos nyid mngon sum - direct realization of ultimate nature, manifest dharmata, SA snang bzhi, vision of the real manifestation of existence, visual manifestation of reality [JV]

chos nyid bar do - intermediate state of ultimate nature, intermediate state after death when consciousness is reabsorbed, intermediate period of quintessential reality, bardo of reality [JV]

chos nyid zhi ba - peaceful ultimate nature [JV]

chos nyid zad pa - extinction into reality, (dissolution of all phenomena, exhaustion, cessation) into the ultimate nature, SA snang bzhi, vision of the cessation of phenomenal reality, vision of the consummation of reality [JV]

mthar thug gshis kyi rang zhal - the real face of the ultimate nature [RY]

don ji lta bar ming du mngon par zhen pa'i rnam par rtog pa - conceptualization attached to the ultimate nature as names [IW]

don dam chos nyid - ultimate nature [RY]

don dam chos nyid kyi bla ma - guru of absolute dharmat / the ultimate nature [IW]

gnas lugs don dam - ultimate nature [RY]

phra ba chos nyid - subtle ultimate nature [JV]

rang bzhin - svabhava 1) nature, fundamental / inherent / ultimate nature, essence, own-being, character, quality, identity, self-nature. Syn {bdag} see {ngo bo rang bzhin thugs rje}. 2) intrinsic reality, actuality essence. Syn voidness, 3) self-existence, 4) frame of reference, natural expression [of mind]. 5) natural, naturally, short for {rang bzhin gyis} 6) manifesting. 7) character, consist of. 8) essence, 9) himself, oneself, own, self, intrinsic, natural, self spontaneous; similar to {ngo bo} but when referring to sugatagarbha, {ngo bo} refers to the emptiness aspect whereas {rang bzhin} refers to the luminosity or clarity aspect. 10) primal matter Syn {gtso bo}. / by nature, naturally. vi. to be of the nature of. type, manifesting, nature. Similar to {nang tshul, gshis}, {chos nyid} and {gnas lugs}; consist of, essential [original] nature, own being, in its own being, state of own being, there has been born; independent existence; inherent nature/ self-nature/ the very nature (of things); natural forms [in grammar]. natural expression. the natural expression. essential [original] nature, state of own being, nature, inherent nature, actuality, frame of reference; nature, character; inherent nature, the true nature; natural character [RY]

rang bzhin mthar thug - ultimate nature [RY]

gshis - ultimate nature, pure being, existentially given fact, dynamic phenomenon, deep-structured dynamics, being as such, innate, nature, temper, natural disposition, person, body, absolute nature, causal connective, innate disposition, innate disposition, true nature, condition, fundamentally unconditioned, state, real condition [JV]

sems kyi gnas lugs - mind as it is, the ultimate nature/ real condition of mind [IW]

sems kyi gnas lugs - the ultimate nature of mind, the mind's real condition; nature of mind, the ultimate nature of mind, the mind's real condition [RY]

sems nyid - citta eva, nature of the mind, mind, mindness, mind-as-such, absolute subject-being, cognitive absoluteness, just-mind, spirituality, mind as shunyata, inner working, memory, soul, spirit, intelligence, consciousness, mind itself, the pure fact of (awareness, of being aware), unique fact of awareness, reality, mind-essence, ultimate nature of the mind, primordial experiencing, experiencing itself, mind's own nature, mind nature, nature of mind [JV]

sems nyid - chittata, mind 1) mind itself, mind essence, nature of mind, mind nature, mind as such, ultimate nature of mind, true nature of mind itself, mind-as-such. Syn {ngo bo rig pa}. 2) the mind [RY]