Lochen Ratnabhadra

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Lochen Ratnabhadra

Lochen Ratnabhadra (1489−1563) was a master of both the Sakya as well as Jonang schools. He was considered to be an emanation of the Great Compassionate One. He focussed mainly upon the practice of the six-limbed vajra-yoga of Kalacakra and passed it on to his students many times. Ratnabhadra is also know to have carried out extensive restoration work, such as at the seat of the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo at Chung Riwoche.

Primary Teachers

  • Drugpa Kunleg
  • Panchen Namkha Palsang
  • Jonang Chokyong Gyaltsen
  • Zhalu Lotsawa Chokyong Sangpo

Primary Students

Primary Lineage