Lochen Gyurme Dechen

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lo chen 'gyur med bde chen - (1540-1615) aka lo tsA ba 'gyur med bde chen, one of the biographers of Drubchen Thangtong Gyalpo. He was a descendant of the Mahasiddha in the maternal lineage. Gyurme Dechen is known to be a master in the Thanglug tradition of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage as well as a Sakya master. He also received the transmission of the Jonang teachings. He studied closely with Jetsun Kunga Drolchog (1507-1566) and Lochen Ratnabhadra (lo chen ratna bha dra, 1489-1563). From these two masters, and others, he received the complete Shangpa Kagyu transmissions as well as the Sakya Lamdre, Hevajra and Kalacakra systems, along with the transmission of the Six-fold Vajra-yogas of Kalacakra. Later he passed on the Shangpa transmissions mainly to his student Khenchen Ngawang Chodrag, whereas the Kalacakra instructions were received by the second Yolmo Tulku Tendzin Norbu. [TSD]

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