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klu grub - Nagarjuna. An Indian master of philosophy and a tantric siddha. One of the Eight Vidyadharas; receiver of the tantras of Lotus Speech such as Supreme Steed Display. He is said to have taken birth in the southern part of India around four hundred years after the Buddha's nirvana. Having received ordination at Nalanda Monastery, he later acted as preceptor for the monks. He knew alchemy, stayed alive for six hundred years and transformed ordinary materials into gold in order to sustain the sangha. At Bodhgaya he erected pillars and stone walls to protect the Bodhi Tree and constructed 108 stupas. From the realm of the nagas he brought back the extensive Prajnaparamita scriptures. He was the life pillar for the Mahayana, but specifically he was a major exponent of the Unexcelled Vehicle of Vajrayana. Having attained realization of Hayagriva, he transmitted the lineage to Padmasambhava [RY]

na la ta - Nalanda [monastic university in ancient india] [IW]

na la ta - Nalanda [IW]

na le dra - Nalanda [IW]

na le dra'i chos sde - Nalanda Monastery [IW]

na len tra - Nalanda [RY]

na len dra - Nalanda monastery [RY]

nA len dra'i chos sde - the monastic center of Nalanda [RY]

dpal ldan - glorious, splendorous, illustrious. n. of Nagarjuna when ordained at Nalanda [RY]

dpal na len tra'i gtsug lag - Nalanda monastery [RY]

tsa mi lo tsa ba sangs rgyas grags - Tsami Lotsawa Sangye Trak, the only Tibetan throne-holder of Vajrasana and Nalanda Buddhist universities [RY]

slob dpon dpa' bo - Famous non-Buddhist yogi in India in Nagarjuna's time. Mentioned in Taranatha's rise of Buddhism in India {chos 'byung}. Almost defeated the monks at Nalanda in debate so they sent a message to Nagarjuna requesting help. Nagarjuna sent his disciple Aryadeva to debate with the Indian heretic. The heretic was defeated but refused to accept Buddhism so they locked him in the library. Slowly he began to read the books and one day realized that Lord Buddha's dharma was authentic. He took refuge and wrote many famous texts. [TDuff] [RY]