dpal ldan lha mo

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དཔལ་ལདན་ལྷ་མོ ·

sudevi, a chos skyong, sridevi (yab is gshin rje), goddess of terrific aspect [JV]

Mahakali Skt. shri devi. A female Mahakala [RY]

dbyangs can lha mo a wrathful protectress Shri Devi [IW]

Sridevi, a protector [RY]

Śrī Devī - appellation of a class of female wisdom protectors (Mahākalī). They are often considered to be emanations of dbyangs can ma (Sarasvatī. ).
There are several forms, including:

"dpal ldan lha mo" may refer to any of the above deities, depending on the context.

[According to Karma Thinley Rinpoche, to keep the Samaya of Palden Lhamo one must maintain unbroken awareness of Emptiness which is her abode. If that awareness of Emptiness is broken then she manifests spreading war, disease, etc.]