Relative Truth

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relative truth (kun rdzob kyi bden pa).

Brief definitions[edit]

Relative truth

  • The seeming, superficial and deceptive aspect of reality. It is defined differently by the different philosophical schools. A synonym for 'conventional truth.' RY
  • Relative truth (kun rdzob bden pa): lit. "all-concealing truth". This refers to phenomena in the ordinary sense, which, on the level of ordinary experience, are perceived as real and separate from the mind and which thus conceal their true nature. [MR]

kun rdzob kyi bden par - in relative truth [IW]

kun rdzob bden pa - relative truth [one of the two truths {bden pa gnyis} 1) the vaibhashikas {bye brag smra ba} gang zhig bcom pa'am blos cha shas so sor bsal ba na rang 'dzin gyi blo 'dor rung ba'i chos su dmigs pa gzung 'dzin rags pa rnams dang 2) the Sautrantikas {mdo sde pa} rtog pas btags pa tsam du grub pa'i chos spyi mtshan rnams dang, 3) the mind only school {sems tsam pa} tha snyad dpyod pa'i rig shes kyis rnyed don kun btags dang gzhan dbang gi chos, 4) Madhyamaka {dbu ma} rang mngon sum du rtogs pa'i mngon sum tshad mas rang nyid gnyis snang dang bcas pa'i tshul gyi rtogs par bya ba rten 'brel snang ba'i chos. conventional truth, truth for a concealer, superficial truth, deceptive truth, narratives of former births, 1 of the {gsung rab yan lag bcu gnyis} twelve divisions of the teachings), relative truth [one of the {bden pa gnyis} two truths] [IW]

kun rdzob bden pa - relative/ conventional/ superficial truth; conventional truth apparent reality, deceptive truth; relative truth. one of the {bden pa gnyis}. two truths, superficial truth, truth for a concealer; Relative Truth, [Skt.] samvrittika satya [RY]


kun rdzob bden pa gnyis - the two kinds of relative truth [false and true] [IW]

kun rdzob gsum - the three kinds of relative truth kun rdzob kyi kun rdzob dang, yang dag pa ma yin pa'i kun rdzob dang, yang dag pa'i kun rdzob [IW]

gcig pa - 1) corresponding, similar, [the] same, not different, [a] single, same, uniform, unitary, the 1, uniformly; 2) non-separate/ individual dharmas, [in relative truth tha dad du mi 'char ba eg a pillar] [IW]

'jig rten kun rdzob bden pa - mundane relative truth [RY]

btags pa'i kun rdzob bden pa - designative relative truth [IW]

rtag rtogs - pramana that correctly realizes something to be eternal [true knowledge ascertaining space etc dharmas of non-things to be eternal from the viewpoint of abhidharma/ relative truth] [IW]

bltos bcas gyi bden don - relative truth [IW]

don dam pa'i bden pa - Ultimate truth. The absolute nature of relative truth; that all phenomena are beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing [RY]

drang don du - according to the provisional [relative truth] [RY]

bden pa gnyis - two truths [relative truth {kun rdzob kyi bden pa} or samvrtisatya and ultimate truth {don dam bden pa} or param rthasatya] [IW]

yang dag kun rdzob - actual relative truth; correct relative truth. {snang-la-don byed nus pa} correct conventional / relative truth / actual or real truth, conventionally real truth [RY]

yang dag kun rdzob - correct conventional/relative truth/ actual or real truth, conventionally real truth [IW]

yang dag pa'i kun rdzob bden pa - correct relative truth [RY]

log pa'i kun rdzob - false relative [truth]. the wrong relative. false conventional truth, erroneous / fictitious relative truth, def. {snang srid snod bcud blo bkod pa'i chos so cog dang bcad pa yul 'khrul snang blo rdzun pa'i ngo bo la snang ba yin pa'i phyir} [RY]

log pa'i kun rdzob bden pa - wrong relative truth. unreal conventional truth; unreal conventional truth. [RY]

srid pa'i rim pa gsum - three stages of existence. The objects to be purified in the development stage are defined as the 'three stages of existence' with five aspects of involvement through the way they ripen. That is to say: Since all things, inside or outside, that have substantial existence, are self-existing awareness and emptiness, therefore, the existence of dying, as the first stage, is ultimate truth; the existence of taking rebirth, as the next stage, is conventional truth; and the existence of rebirth, as the last stage, involving childhood, youth and maturity, is the nondual two truths. "The branches of involvement are defined as five." These are: the dying state of existence as the ultimate truth, the intermediate state of existence as the relative truth, and the reborn state of existence, which has three progressive stages. These three are the stage from taking birth to childhood, the stage of youth and prime of life, and the stage from adulthood to old age. In this way there are five stages. [RY]

bslu med rgyu 'bras kyi rten 'brel - Unfailing interdependence of cause and effect. The law of relative truth [RY]

lhag pa'i kun rdzob - superior relative truth [JV]