Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo

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The Great Terton Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo of Kathok Gon

rig 'dzin klong gsal snying po

Short biography[edit]

Terchen Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo (1625-1692), also known as Longsel Dorje Nyingpo, a famous terton or treasure revealer of Kathok Monastery, whose terma teachings are known by his name. He was one of those responsible for restoring Katok Monastery, which, after four and a half centuries, had fallen into disrepair. He is believed to be an incarnation of Chokro Luyi Gyaltsen, one of the twenty-five close disciples of Padmasambhava who transcribed and helped Guru Padmasambhava conceal terma treasures.

Longsel Nyingpo Lineage

Originated from Samantabhadra on the Dharmakaya level down through the Root Dzogchen Masters - continued from Yeshe Tsogyal via Langdro Konchog Jungne (aka Langdro Lotsawa), Rigdzin Dudul Dorje, Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo and then through the transmission lineage of Kathok Monastery.

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  • Mandala Offering of Longsal Dorje Nyingpo
  • Initiation Cards: Longsal Nyingpo Terma Cycle
  • P'howa: Transfer of Consciousness; The practice of p'howa from the terma of Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo, chanted by H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. 30 minutes. CD AVSCPHO $12.00. Also Available: P'howa practice text
  • Longsal Nyingpo (klong gsal snying po): 1625-1692 [MR]
  • Longsal Nyingpo (klong gsal snying po); Vidyadhara Longsal Nyingpo. 1625-1692. One of the early masters of the Khatok Nyingma tradition. [Peter Roberts]

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