Rigdzin Ngawang Chojor

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(rig 'dzin ngag dbang chos 'byor)
Homage to Vajradhara's embodiment the Dharmabhute Gurus

To the Three jewels, Dakainis and Dharma Protectors please listen,
May all the Supreme Son of the Victors,
With their unfailing guidance please bestow your blessing,
To all beings myself included, wandering in this terrifying cycle of existents.

From beginningless time you have possessed the essence of enlightened mind,
Though, you continue to manifest in multiple forms for the benefit of mother beings.
Chinrezig, Milarepa, Lingjerepa, Tandon Gyalpo ,and Rigdzin Jetsun Nyingpo, all embodied as a signal form-- the incomparable Dharmabhute,
May you guide us continually throughout all future lives.

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