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[[Image:|frame|]] ཡོངས་གེ་མི་འགྱུར་རྡོ་རྗེ།
yongs ge mi 'gyur rdo rje

Short biography[edit]

Terton Yonge Mingyur Dorje Drakpo Nuden Tsal (1628/1641-1708), was foretold by Guru Rinpoche who predicted that he would have the potential to find 108 termas and that if all were found, Tibet would be safe and happy for all time. He was recognized as the lama in Guru Rinpoche's predictions and given his name by the 10th Karmapa. However because he lived in such difficult times he was not able to uncover all of his foretold Dharma Treasures and found only three root cycles of terma: a series of Dorje Drollo teaching, a longevity-practice terma, and one series for Guru Rinpoche. These are the source termas from which many auspicious texts have sprung.

Born in the Lhatok region of Kham, in his early years he had visions of Guru Padmasambhava, Karmapa Karma Pakshi, Hayagriva, Vajravarahi, and Mahakala. He composed a Guru Yoga Sadhana for Karma Pakshi as a "mind treasure" (gongter) that he received in a pure vision. Yonge Mingyur Dorje also became a highly learned and accomplished master through studying and practice the sutras, tantras, and general sciences.

He traveled extensively throughout Tibet and bound, seven of eight great demons, to the Dharma. But the eighth he was unable to tame... a demon that was the spreader of the Hon plague that decimated Yak herds in Tibet. Contemplating the problem alone on a mountain, Yonge Mingyur Dorje suddenly leapt up and grabbing a sling, killing a wild mountain goat and mixing it's stomach contents with it's blood, he produced a cure for the hon plague. Sitting back down on the mountain he was just wondering what to do with the remedy when along came a man. Mingyur Dorje asked him his name and finding it highly auspicious handed him the cure saying that it was now his responsibility to spread the remedy. It was found that although the mixture at first made the yaks and dzi (a female yak) very sick, they quickly recovered and from then on had immunity to the hon sickness. Furthermore the blood from a treated animal could be used on the rest of the herd.

On another occasion, the Kagyu lineage was threatened by an imminent invasion of Tibet, as well as by other obstacles on several levels. In accordance with Guru Rinpoche's prophecies, Yonge Mingyur Dorje at that time revealed a complete cycle of teachings focusing on Guru Dorje Drollo. He then offered these teachings in secrecy to the 10th Gyalwang Karmapa Choying Dorje, who himself practiced the stages of approach, accomplishment, and enactment focusing on this Dorje Drollo practice for nine months. By doing so, the Karmapa overcame the unfavorable circumstances and obstacles, and turned back the invading Mongolian army which was at the gates of Tsurphu Monastery. He thus caused the Karma Kagyu teachings to shine like the rising sun.

He spent much of his life in retreat, studying and practicing, and there are many other examples of his clairvoyance and great accomplishments. In the later part of his life, Mingyur Dorje adopted the free and liberated yogic lifestyle of a mahasiddha. He was supported by the Bachen Tsang family of Lhatok, and although they repeatedly requested him to visit their home, and though he proclaimed that he would visit repeatedly until the very door steps that led into the house were worn away, in that incarnation he never found the time. However his next two incarnations were born into their family.

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