Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng

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Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng (12th century)

Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng (rtogs ldan zhang sgom chos seng, 12th century). He was another important disciple of Khedrub Khyungpo Naljor. He received a vast number of profound oral instructions and meditated for many years in seclusion at Lake Namtso. Zhang-gom Chöseng fully realized the natural state and all the knots in his subtle channels were thus untied. As a result,he had numerous visionary encounters with a variety of deities. Zhang-gom Chöseng concentrated on the practice of the Six-armed Mahakala, the main protector of the Shangpa lineage, for a number of years. Even though he lived the very ascetic life of a solitary renunciant, he found that the protector always looked after all his needs. Though he did not receive the entire Shangpa Kagyu lineage transmission, as did Mokchokpa Rinchen Tsondrü, he is especially important in the lineage transmission of the teachings of the Six-armed Mahakala. Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng had received teachings on the protector which Mokchokpa either did not receive, or did not transmit to his main student and lineage holder Kyergangpa Chökyi Senge. Kyergangpa was however able to receive these instructions from Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng, and they continue to be transmitted to the present day as the combined instructions of the two heart-sons of Khyungpo Naljor. It is said that after many years of solitary retreat in the mountains, Togden Zhang-gom Chöseng departed for the pure realms of the dakinis.

Source: Jonang Taranatha's "ye shes kyi mgon po phyag drug pa'i skor gyi byung tshul mdo tsam brjod pa", A brief Presentation of the Origin of the Cycle of Teachings on the Six-armed Awareness Protector, shangs chos vol. 1, pp. 717-750; rje btsun tA ra nA tha'i bka' 'bum, dzam thang edition, vol. 21, pp. 875-899 [TSD]

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