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Vima Nyingthig (bi ma snying thig). Vimalamitra united the two aspects of Innermost Unexcelled Section: the explanatory lineage with scriptures and the hearing lineage without scriptures and concealed them to be revealed in the future as the Nyingthig teachings renowned as Vima Nyingthig, and also as the Secret Heart Essence of Vimalamitra (bi ma'i gsang ba snying thig). Longchenpa clarified them in his 51 sections of Lama Yangtig.

The dakini Resplendent Wisdom appeared in actuality to Jemalamudra and said, "Kye, son of a noble family. If you wish to receive even more profound instructions than before, go to Bhasing Charnel Ground!" According to this prophecy, Jemalamudra went to Bhasing Charnel Ground, where he met with the sublime Jñanasutra. After making innumerable prostrations and circumambulations, he presented a boundless amount of ganachakras and mandala offerings. Then he made this request: “Kye, most compassionate protector. Please accept me!” As Jemalamudra beseeched in this way with deep devotion, Jñanasutra bestowed upon him all the instructions in their entirety, without a single exception. Having entrusted him with all the scriptures, he departed into the expanse of space within a mass of light. At that moment, Jemalamudra fell to the ground. As he uttered deep-felt cries of despair, the testament entitled the Fourfold Placement, within a small casket of precious sona studded with five types of precious stones, fell down [into his hands].

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