bka' gdams sgrol ma bcu gnyis

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See also: བཀའ་གདམས་པའི་སྒྲོལ་མ་བཅུ་གཉིས། - (bka' gdams pa'i sgrol ma bcu gnyis).

the 12 Taras of the Kadampa school. (RY)

The Twelve Taras of the Kadampa Tradition. 1) {gtso bo dmag zor ma}. 2) {ma gcig dpal gyi lha mo}. 3) {ma gcig rdo rje rab brtan ma}. 4) {lha mo bdud sol ma}. 5) {lha mo phyag bzhi ma}. 6) {lha mo dus mtshan ma}. 7) {rang byung rgyal mo}. 8) {lha mo nam mkha'i gos can}. 9) {lha mo nam gru ma}. 10) {lha mo tshan ti ka}. 11) {lha mo e ka dza ti}. 12) {la stod a phyi chos sgron}. (RY)

The 12 Taras of the Kadampa Tradition. (IW)