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the 10 dharma activities [IW]

the ten Dharma practices, ten spiritual activities; ten spiritual/Dharma related activities: Copying scriptures, making offerings, giving alms, listening to discourses, memorizing, reading, expounding, reciting, reflecting upon and training in the meaning of the Dharma. EPK

1) yi ge bri ba, transcribing the teachings. 2) mchod pa, worshipping. 3) sbyin pa, giving. 4) chos nyan pa, listening to the teachings. 5) klog pa, reading the teachings. 6) 'dzin pa, comprehending the teachings. 7) rab tu ston pa, instructing others. 8) kha 'don byed pa, reciting holy works. 9) sems pa, contemplation. 10) sgom pa, meditation. GM

ten fundamental rules [JV]

the 10 dharma activities [gsung rab kyi yi ge 'bri ba dang, mchod pa 'bul ba, sbyin pa gtong ba, chos nyan pa, 'dzin pa, klog pa, 'chad pa, kha ton du bya ba, chos kyi don sems pa, chos kyi don sgom pa bcas bcu'o,... the ten dharma practices ; 1) yi ge bri ba = transcribing the teachings; 2) mchod pa = worshiping 3) sbyin pa = giving 4) chos nyan pa listening to the teachings 5) klog pa, = reading the teachings 6) 'dzin pa, = comprehending the teachings 7) rab du ston pa, = instructing others 8) kha 'don byed pa, = reciting holy works 9) sems pa, contemplation 10) sgom pa, = meditation OR 'chad pa explanation kha ton byed pa recitation de'i don bsam pa contemplating their meaning dkon mchog mchod pa offering/homage to the three jewels] [IW]