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kun tu snang ba - contemplation which is everywhere manifest, gsal ba, snying rje, longs sku, chos nyid bar do, sun, a buddha, all-illumined, all-enlightened, all-illuminating [JV]

kun tu snang ba'i ting nge 'dzin - the samadhi or state of contemplation which illuminates everything [JV]

klog pa thos bsam gyi 'khor lo - the "study wheel" of learning and contemplation. See {spang klog 'khor lo gsum} [RY]

rkyen 'jug pa'i mtshan nyid ting nge 'dzin - the conditions characterized as the entrance are contemplation-. the samadhi characterized as engaging in the conditions [IW]

rkyen rtogs - contemplation of rang sangs rgyas, class of devotees who meditate on rkyen [JV]

bskyed rdzogs - 1) development and completion stages. utpatti and sampannakrama. 2) two stages of a process of contemplation. 4) utpatti and sampannakrama; the Generation Process and the Perfection Process [RY]

khregs chod - trecho, trekcho, cutting through, clear-cut, single pointed contemplation, total relaxation, the dissolving of tensions, the fundamental practice of integrating the state of contemplation into daily activity. In it, all the tensions of body, voice and mind linked to tendencies of which one is unaware dissolve without effort, liberating themselves., Thekchod, releasing tensions, cutting through rigidity, a special teaching of the rdzogs chen man ngag sde, cutting through solidity, cutting through all attachment, barrier-free, seeing through, cutting through solidity, eng. spell: tregchöd [JV]

mkha' khyab ting nge - all-absorbing contemplation [JV]

'khor lo gsum - Three Spheres. renunciation, study and work. the three wheels, the three cycles of the Buddha teaching. 1) {klog pa thos bsam gyi 'khor lo} the study wheel of study, learning. 2) {spong ba bsam gtan gyi 'khor lo} the renunciation wheel of contemplation, meditation. 3) {bya ba las kyi 'khor lo} = the action wheel of dharmic activity, practical conduct. Three Spheres of a teacher's activity. Those of exegesis {bshad pa}, attainment {sgrub pa} and work {las}, or alternatively of renunciation, study, and work [RY]

gol sa - mistake, pitfall, misunderstandings, going astray, perversions, deviation (from the state of contemplation due to distractions), errors, strayings, sidetracks, deviations [JV]

glod la mnyam bzhag - relax in contemplation [JV]

dga' ba sdud pa'i yid byed - attention of taking delight; mental contemplation of joy or withdrawal [RY]