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circumstance, opportunity. [RY]

+ dang 'phrad tshe - as soon as bad times come. [RY]

secondary condition, certain conditions, contributory forces, sufficient condition, relation, contributory cause, aftermath, circumstance, hazard, incident, cause-factor (determines how the whole thing will operate), SA dmigs pa'i rkyen, SA lhan cig byed pa'i rkyen, SA rgyu'i rkyen, mtshungs pa de ma thag pa'i rkyen, dmigs pa'i rkyen, bdag po'i rkyen, lhan cig byed pa'i rkyen, cooperating influence which shapes event, pathological or secondary cause of disease, effect, occurrence, incident, event, misfortune, ill-luck, calamity, circumstantial influences, "causal" clause connective, secondary cause, negative circumstances. [JV]

(secondary) condition/ conditioning factor; circumstance; isc. property. [RB]

condition(s) that determine/ account/ are responsible for . . . [RB]

Skt. pratyaya; 1) condition, circumstance, [a co-operating / contributing] cause. 2) adversity, calamity, misfortune, mishap, accident, bad circumstances / luck, difficulties. Syn rkyen ngan. 3) because. 4) object. see yul rkyen. 5) situation, opportunity. 6) favorable, circumstance, help. 7) occurrence, incident, event. 8) effect, result. 8) affixation (in grammar). occasion, by, on account of, event, case, obstacle, hindrance, a happy, favorable circumstance, furtherance, factor, contributory cause, circumstantial influence. (secondary) condition/ conditioning factor; secondary conditions (accompanying root cause); secondary cause, conditioning; circumstantial/ created by causes; among the 16 aspects of the four truths: Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: sngar ma thob pa'i lus gzhan dang gzhan thob pa dang thob zin pa'i lus gzhan dang gzhan du 'da' ba'i byed rgyu yin pa'i phyir rkyen gyi mtshan nyid can. [RY]

circumstance, condition. [thd]

1) condition, [conditioning] cause, pratyaya [often has negative connotations but not always, simply "cause" mostly in non-philosophical contexts] circumstance, there is usually a co-operating / contributing] cause, causal factor, circumstantial influence- fruition ripening condition]; 2) adversity, calamity, misfortune, mishap, accident, bad circumstances / luck, difficulties, obstacle, hindrance [sm (rkyen ngan)]; 3) because; 4) object [see (yul rkyen)]; 5) situation, opportunity (6) favorable, circumstance, help, furtherance (7) occurence, incident, event (8) effect, result (9) affixation (10) occasion (11) by, on account of (12) event, case, (13) (A) fame, renown (14) khral dgal yul gyi ker leb sgur gsum ste people, fields, and cattle gsum la zer). [IW]