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Ḍākinī (mkha' 'gro ma)

  • One of the three roots (rtsa ba gsum) of spiritual practice, along with the spiritual teacher and the meditational deity. The ḍākinī are said to confer enlightened or buddha activities on the meditator, in contrast to the spiritual teacher who confers blessings and the meditational deity who confers accomplishments. The ḍākinī are female yoginī who have attained either mundane or supramundane spiritual accomplishments (siddhi), the latter referring to the realisations of the fully enlightened mind (bodhicitta). They may be human beings who have achieved such attainments, or manifestations of the enlightened activity of the meditational deity. The Tibetan equivalent mkha' 'gro literally means 'space voyager', space metaphorically implying emptiness, and voyager indicating someone immersed in its experience. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)

mkha' 'gro - dakini, inspirations, bird, angel, fairy, SA rin chen mkha' 'gro, god, arrow, sky-goer, possessor of spiritual daka power in male form [JV]

mkha' 'gro - (ma) - dakini; sky-goer/ dancer; 1) dakini. Syn {mkha' 'gro ma}. 2) [sometimes also both daka and dakini when {mkha' 'gro} + {mkha' 'gro ma} 3) birds. 4) devas. 5) possessor of spiritual daka power in male form, 6) a class of sky going beings. 7) goddess or female tantric deities who protect and serve the tantric doctrine. 8) daka. male space-farers or viras {dpa' bo}, celestial flight; daka; sky-goer/ dancer; goddess [sky goers], possessor of spiritual daka power in male form [RY]

mkha' 'gro - {mkha' 'gro ma} dakini; (feminine) sky goer/ dancer [RB]

mkha' 'gro skyes - "born by dakini", rakshasa [RY]

mkha' 'gro chos skyong nor lha - dakinis, Dharma protectors and wealth gods [RY]

mkha' 'gro gtad rgya - Entrusting the teachings to the dakinis; entrustment to dakinis, the dakini entrusted [terma lineage]; sealed entrustment to dakinis [RY]

mkha' 'gro gtad rgya - entrustment to dakinis [JV]

mkha' 'gro gtad rgya brgyud pa - the dakini-entrusted lineage. Syn {mkha' 'gro gtad rgya yi brgyud pa} [RY]

mkha' 'gro gtad rgya'i brgyud pa - lineage of the dakinis' seal of entrustment [RY]

mkha' 'gro dam can - dakinis and loyal guardians [RY]

mkha' 'gro dam can - dakinis and oath-bound protectors [JV]

mkha' 'gro sde lnga - the five dakini aspects. Syn {mkha' 'gro ma rigs lnga} The five families. 1) {rdo rje mkha' 'gro} Vajra dakini. 2) {rin chen mkha' 'gro} Ratna dakini 3) {pad ma mkha' 'gro} Padma dakini 4) {las kyi mkha' 'gro} karma dakini 5) {sangs rgyas mkha' 'gro} Buddha dakini [RY]

mkha' 'gro sde bzhi - the four classes / aspects of dakinis. Syn {mkha' 'gro rigs bzhi} [RY]

mkha' 'gro sde bzhi - Four classes of dakinis. The dakinis of the four families of vajra, ratna, padma, and karma. They are spiritual beings who carry out the four activities of pacifying, increasing, magnetizing, and subjugating [RY]

mkha' 'gro brda yig - dakini code script, symbolic script / writing of the dakinis [RY]

mkha' 'gro ma - dakini, dakini, an especially accomplished yogini, possessor of spiritual dakini power in female form, female space farers who embody emptiness [RY]

mkha' 'gro ma - dakini, SA chu srin mo, stag gdong can, female sprites, possessor of spiritual dakini power in female form, dakini (lion tiger {chu srin} and dragon faces associated with east, south, west and north and rdo rje, rin chen pad ma, and phrin las) [JV]