phying dkar don yod rdo rje

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Chingkar Donyö Dorje; Meaningful Vajra Clad in White Felt. (RY)

18-19th cent. - Chingkar Donyö Dorje. (RY)

Chingkar Donyö Dorje, or, "Meaningful Vajra Clad in White Felt". Compassionate teachers like Patrul Rinpoche and Shechen Gyaltsap Pema Namgyal, who emphasized the practice of Bodhichitta, abstained from wearing or using animal furs and skins, and preferred using white felt for their coats and carpets.

"Crazy Tekya" (rtas skya smyon pa) is another name for Donyö Dorje: rtas skya is written in a mystic dakini script and has no ordinary intelligible meaning. As communicated by Trulshik Rinpoche, because he was refused the consort he needed for the discovery of the Guru Sadhana (bla ma'i sgrub pa), Donyö Dorje (don yod rdo rje) could not reveal it fully and write it down. Soon afterward, the maiden who would have been his consort died. The parents felt great regret and contacted the yogin, who said that the auspicious connection was being missed. It is said that he brought the girl back to life for a few moments and gave her the instructions, adding that he would guide her in the bardo. After these events, Donyö Dorje concealed the Yellow Scroll (shog ser) for the Guru Sadhana in a mask, to be discovered again as a yang gter. His immediate reembodiment, the former Trulshik Rinpoche, Thongdrol Dorje (mthong grol rdo rje), found this Yellow Scroll when he came to Nepal with Dzatrul Ngawang Tendzin Norbu (rdza sprul ngag dbang bstan 'dzin nor bu), (1867-1940), the present Trulshik Rinpoche's root teacher) to perform the reconsecration of the Bodhnath Stupa. Thongdrol Dorje also wrote expanded versions of the other sadhanas of the three roots. (MR-ShabkarNotes)