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completion or perfection process - three Sanskrit terms are translated into Tibetan as rdzogs rim: sampannakrama, utpannakrama, nispannakrama. Just as in the case of development process or bskyed rim/utpattikrama, these are being consistently mistranslated as "stage", "phase" or even "step". These translations miss the crucial point that there are often many steps involved which make up the whole. It is therefore by all means correct to call the individual sequences steps or stages, but the whole process can not be described as such, which everyone who trains in such practices would very well know. The Oxford English Dictionary defines "stage" as "division of a journey or process", also "a step in a process" - QED! [TSD]

Completion stage. (RY)

completion stage, completion phase, sampanna krama, fulfillment stage, perfection stage, the unelaborate, subtle phase of creative visualization in the vehicles of tantra. Meditation according to vehicles of tantra. completion stage; completive phase; the perfection process, sampannakrama. (RY)

completion stage/ phase, sampanna krama, fulfillment/ perfection stage. (IW)

completion stage/ phase, sampanna krama, fulfillment/ perfection stage [the unelaborate, subtle phase of creative visualisation in the vehicles of tantra book 1, p, book 2, p - meditation according to the vehicles of tantra - [tserig]. rdo rje'i lus la gnad du bsnun te rtsa thig rlung gsum las su rung ba la brten nas stong bzhis drangs pa'i 'od gsal dang, dga' bzhis drangs pa'i lhan skyes ye shes mngon du byed pa'i shes rab khyad par can. (IW)

rdzogs pa'i rim pa stage of completion. (RB)

completion stage; [expl., The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 54]. (RY)

sampannakrama, (consummate, fulfillment, perfection) stage, stage of completion, accomplishment phase, phase of completion, perfection process. (JV)