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causitive conditions, cause-situation, causal condition, cause, reason, basic cause situation including mtshungs ldan kun (universal), 'gro (associate), skal mnyam (similar), byed pa (initiative), lhan cig 'byung ba (co-existent), See also (skyed byed rkyen bzhi), connection, reason, primary causes and secondary causes, causes and conditions. [JV]

dge slong ma ut pal mdog gi rgyu rkyen zhus pa questioned the Buddha about the circumstances surrounding the nun Utpalavarna. [RY]

causal condition, cause/ reason [primary and secondary], cause and condition, reason for/ why [IW]

1) causes and conditions, cause / reason [primary and secondary] and condition. 2) Abbr. of rgyu'i rkyen 3) [informal] circumstances [RY]

causal condition, cause/ reason [primary and secondary] and condition [= rgyu'i rkyen . ngo bo skyed byed kyi rgyu dang, khyad par skyed byed kyi rkyen. [IW]