Ten Powers

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Ten Powers or, ten strengths are the Powers which are developed by bodhisattvas, these are:

1) Reflection (bsam pa'i stobs} or ashayabala.

2) Superior Reflection {lhag bsam} or adhyasa.

3) Acquisition {sbyor ba} or pratipatti.

4) Discriminative Awareness {shes rab} or prajna.

5) Aspiration {smon lam} or pranidhana.

6) Vehicle {theg pa} or yana.

7) Conduct {spyod pa} or carya.

8) Transformation {rnam par 'phrul pa} or vikurvana.

9) Enlightenment {byang chub kyi sems} or bodhichitta. and

10) Turning the doctrinal wheel {chos kyi 'khor lo bskor ba} or dharmacakrapravartana. two types [RY]