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means, method [thd]

1) method, way, skillful means, [liberative] technique, expedient method, skillful expedient device. 2) together, dang thabs gcig together with. 3) abrupt, abruptly btsan thabs 4) way, med thabs med pa no way without, indispensable. 5) [about color] nag thabs thibs 6) opportunity, bya thabs rnyed to find an opportunity for action. 7) [upaya], expediency, ingenuity. means, skillfulness; way; Means, Skillful Means, method, Upaya [RY]

upaya, ethically-positive action, efficacy, way, beneficial expediency, method (the instructions of spiritual friends), opportunity, chance, possibility, manner, mode, means, measures, ritualistic observances, means, way, methods particle, skillful means. [JV]

Methods [RY]

1) way, [skillful] means, [liberative] technique, [expedient] method, skillful/ expedient device/ method(s; 2) together, upaya [IW]

1) method, way, skillful means, [liberative] technique, expedient method, skillful expedient device/ method(s); 2) together, upaya sgyu thabs, btsan thabs . tshul dang, cho ga'am lugs sam, srol,...'tsho thabs,...sgrub thabs,...las ka byed thabs,...gzhan du 'gro thabs med,...rtsis kyi snon 'phri sgyur bgod de thabs bzhi,...stag bzhon nas gzhol thabs med pa,...mi'i rgyu nor thabs kyis len pa,...mgron thabs su spyan drangs [IW]

(skillful/ expedient) means [RB]