Two Kayas

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sku gnyis - the two kayas/ bodies of a buddha [IW]

sku gnyis - the two kayas/ bodies of a buddha [1] {gzugs sku} [rupakaya] Form body 2] the body of reality {chos sku} [dharmakaya], Truth body] [IW]

sku gnyis kyi 'bras bu - Fruition of the two kayas. The state of complete and perfect buddhahood comprised of dharmakaya and rupakaya of which rupakaya, the form body, refers to both sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya [RY]

sku gnyis zung 'jug - Unity of the two kayas [RY]

dam pa sku gnyis - the holy/authentic two kayas [IW]

'bras bu dbu ma sku gnyis zung 'jug - The unity of the two kayas (that is) the resultant Madhyamaka [RY]

zag bcas kyi dge ba - conditioned virtue. Spiritual practice in which a dualistic point of reference is used. Includes the preliminaries, seven branches and so forth. Unconditioned virtue is the recognition of buddha nature, often called 'threefold purity.' These two aspects of virtue gather the two accumulations, remove the two obscurations, manifest the twofold knowledge, and actualize the two kayas [RY]

Dharmakaya realized for the benefit of self and rupakaya manifested for the welfare of others. (RY)