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accomplishments x gzhan gyi yon tan dang grags pa la phrag dog che ba most jealous of the accomplishments and prominence of others. (RY)

spiritual qualities. (RY)

quality [thd]

positive traits nor ni yon tan kun gyi srog yin zhes 'wealth is the lifeblood of all positive traits,' they say. (RY)

guna, value, quality, precious qualities, inherent spiritual forces, positive traits, capacities, skill, merit, virtues, ability, knowledge, excellences, learning, education, self-culture, rich inner world, capabilities. (rtsal) - creativity, (rgyan) - adornment, (rol pa) - playfulness), accomplishments, achievements, knowledge, good quality, taste, effect, valuable properties, attainments, knowledge, positive qualities, good qualities, qualifications, qualified, qualities. (JV)

1) attributes, good quality, excellence, taste, effect, virtue, accomplishment. 2) skill, ability. Syn nus rtsal 3) medical term. secondary quality, capability, capabilities, talents, attainment, achievement. 4) valuable property. 5) learning, knowledge; education. 6) objects, properties. 7) praise. (positive) quality; qualities, capabilities, talents; knowledge; enlightened attributes. offering, a present, gift, offering, fee, benefit, to repay. (RY)

1) attributes, good quality, excellence, taste, effect, virtue, gunas [of Samkhya]; 2) skill, ability, power to, capabilities, talents; 3) med. term. secondary quality; 4) attainment, achievement, accomplishment; 5) valuable property; 6) learning, knowledge; 6) objects, properties; 7) praise TSE; 8) taste, effect; 9) three. (IW)

x rgyal po'i yon tan dang sbyin pa'i snyan grags the fame of the king's wisdom and generosity. (RY)

acquirement, skill, arts. (RY)

enlightened/ positive quality/ property. (RB)