yul nges byed lnga

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five determinative states. 1) 'dun pa resolution or intention leads to striving after the object. 2) mos pa interest or examination of the object of concentration. 3) dran pa recollection or memory / adherence. 4) ting nge 'dzin samadhi or single-pointed concentration, fixing the mind on one object. 5) shes rab discriminating wisdom which differentiates between virtue and vice. The aspect of mind which understands things individually; Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: de dag kyang bsam pa dang nges pa dang 'dris pa dang brtag pa'i dngos po 'di dag las sems gzhan du mi 'dzin par yul 'di dag tu nges pas de skad ces bya'o [RY]