Assemblage of Secrets

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(gsang ba 'dus pa)

Guhyasamaja. Literally, 'Assembly of Secrets.' One of the major tantras and yidams of the New School [RY]

[[Mahayoga mind tantra, communion of the mystic adepts, tantric cult or pantheon, thugs mahayoga tantra, guhyasamaja, 1 of the 5 main tantra among the 18 mahayoga tantra called the "tantra of the mind" in 17 chapters, Assemblage of Secrets, tantra belonging to father series of the gsar ma tradition [JV]

gsang ba'i gnad thams cad 'dus pa'i rgyud and its yidam, Guhyasamaja, Secret Assembly [IW]

Assemblage of Secrets [RY]

Guhyasamaja, a deity of the father-tantras [RY]

Guhyasamaja, "secret assembly", a father tantra of the Anuttara Yoga [RY]