Primordially Present Nature

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rgyu 'bras kyi theg pa - rgyu dang 'bras bu'i theg pa - causal and resultant vehicles. The teachings of Hinayana and Mahayana that regard the practices of the path as the causes for attaining the fruition of liberation and enlightenment and the Vajrayana system of taking fruition as the path by regarding buddhahood as inherently present and the path as the act of uncovering the basic state. The great masterLongchenpa defined them as follows: "The causal vehicles are so called because of accepting a sequence of cause and effect, asserting that buddhahood is attained by increasing the qualities of the nature of the sugata essence, which is merely present as a seed, through the circumstance of the two accumulations. The resultant vehicles are so called because of asserting that the basis for purification is the (sugata) essence endowed with qualities that are spontaneously present as a natural possession in sentient beings, just as the sun is endowed with rays of light; that the objects of purification are the temporary defilements of the eight collections of consciousnesses), like the sky being (temporarily) obscured by clouds; and that one realizes the result of purification, the primordially present nature, by means of this which purifies, the paths of ripening and liberation. Besides this, here there is no difference (between the two) in sequence or quality." [RY]

gdod nas bzhugs pa - primordially present [RY]

ye 'dug pa - primordially present [RY]

ye nas gnas pa'i mi shes pa - primordially present ignorance. Syn {lhun skyes ma rig} [RY]

ye rdzogs - completely perfected from the very beginning, primordially perfected, quite perfect, primordially perfected, primordially present [JV]

khyab gdal - 1) spreading everywhere; 2) primordial presence of sugatagarbha/emptiness in all beings; 3) all- pervading/ -encompassing /-embracing, widespread, general, universal, comprehensive, widespread [IW]

ye nas lhun grub - primordially self-existent, primordial presence [IW]

ka dag gdod ma'i gshis lugs - the primordial nature pure from the beginning [IW]

nga rgyal brtan po - firm pride; in development stage: Not ordinary pride, but the unshakable confidence that results in complete identification with the deity, and the certainty of being one with the deity's primordial nature [RY]

gdod ma'i gnas lugs - original condition, primordial nature / state / condition, original nature [RY]

spyi gtso bo - primordial nature [Hindu phil] [ggd] [RY]

ye don - primordial nature [JV]

ye don gyi kun - all-ground of the primordial nature [JV]

ye don gyi kun gzhi - all-ground of the primordial nature, the primordial all-ground. Syn {gdod ma'i gnas lugs} the original state [RY]

ye don gyi kun gzhi - all-ground of the primordial nature, the primordial all- ground, original state [IW]

ye babs - primordial nature, true nature falling out atemporally and pristinely, primordially occurring [RY]

a ti sems - primordial nature of mind [JV]