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bdud rtsi

amrita. (IW)

amrita, elixir, nectar, ambrosia, food of the gods, potion that confers immortality, laudatory epithet of medicines, myrobalan, terminalia, citrina, polite word for wine, 1 of 28 astrological terms for harmony of influence in the destiny of a person. (JV)

amrita; 1) amrita [death-conquering substance 2) in med. bdud = disease that harms life and strength, rtsi = med. antidote, arising from merit 3) essence, elixir]. (IW)

elixir; example: sman shi gsos kyi bdud rtsi lta bu'i dam pa'i chos dang mjal ba'i skabs - "...so now that you have met the Dharma, the elixir that conquers death..." (RY)

sman - Amrita. (RY)

nectar/ elixir (of immortality)/ amrita. (RB)

nectar; amrita, essence, elixir; ambrosia, elixir; elixir of immortality, drink of immortality. (RY)

Nectar, Skt. amrita. 1) The 'nectar of immortality;' the ambrosia of the gods conferring immortality or other powers. 2) Abbreviation of 'Nectar Quality,' the heruka of the ratna family among the Eight Sadhana Teachings and the tantric teachings connected with that deity. (RY)