Sabbu land of Shang

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Yarlha Shampo — yar lha sham po

Deity riding a white yak, oath-bound by Padmasambhava. Also refers to a mountain in the Yarlung valley of Central Tibet, where the first king of Tibet is said to have descended from the sky. [AJP] from The Great Image; ISBN 1-59030-069-6

The four grand snow mountains of Tibet are:

The eight great caves are:

The renowned four lakes are:

The five lands are, according to the Chronicles of Padma:

The three valleys are, again, according to the Chronicles of Padma:

  • To the southwest is the secret land of the Dremo Valley [Sikkim].
  • To the northwest is the secret land of the Khenpa Valley.
  • To the northeast is the secret land of the Lungsum Valley.

About the secret countries and great districts, the Chronicles of Padma further say:

  • To the southeast is the secret country of Padma Ling.

This and the others are the great districts. The other districts I have not been able to identify from any reliable source, so please include these here as these become established. Thank you. (JOKYAB)