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Mind Treasure. (RY)

mind treasure; treasure of intention. (RY)

Mind treasures. (RY)

mind terma, Mind Treasure. A revelation directly within the mind of a great master, without the need for a terma of material substance. The teachings revealed in this way were implanted within the 'indestructible sphere' at the time when the master in a former life was one of Padmasambhava's disciples. (RY)

mind treasure, profound and visionary concealed teachings, mind dharma treasures, treasury of the mind, spontaneous appearance of teachings that were concealed in the transmigrating principle of associates of Padmasambhava for propagation by future emanations, mind termas, spiritual mind treasure, mental treasures. (JV)

mind treasure, teaching of Guru Rinpoche that have been hidden and rediscovered through the minds of tertons. (RY)

treasure of [self--arising] intention, mind treasure. (IW)