gza' chen brgyad

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the eight great planets in indian or vedic astrology; ashtagraha or navagraha (nine planets) in case rahu and ketu are counted separately: 1) surya - the Sun, 2) chandra - the Moon, 3) mangala - Mars, 4) budha - Mercury, 5) brihaspati - Jupiter, 6) shukra - Venus, 7) shani - Saturn, 8) rahu and ketu - the northern and southern lunar nodes [TSD]

the 8 great planets [IW]

the 8 great planets: 1) nyi ma dmar po. 2) zla ba dkar po. 3) mig dmar dmar po. 4) lhag pa ser po. 5) phur bu dkar po. 6) pa sangs dkar po. 7) spen pa nag po. 8) sgr gcan nag po [IW]

1) nyi ma dmar po. 2) zla ba dkar po 3) mig dmar dmar po 4) lhag pa ser po 5) phur bu dkar po 6) pa sangs dkar po 7) spen pa nag po 8) sgra gcan nag po [RY]

the Eight Great Planets (Skt. aṣṭagraha), according to Indian Vedic astrology. There are nine planets (Skt. navagraha) if Rahu (sgra gcan) and Ketu (ke tu), the Ascending and Descending (or Northern and Southern) Lunar Nodes, are counted separately. The Eight Great Planets are 1) the red Sun, Sūrya or Āditya (nyi ma dmar po); 2) the white Moon, Candra (zla ba dkar po); 3) the red Mars, Maṅgala (mig dmar dmar po); 4) the yellow Mercury, Budha (lhag pa ser po), 5) the white Jupiter, Bṛhaspati (phur bu dkar po); 6) the white Venus, Śukra (pa sangs dkar po); 7) the black Saturn, Śani (spen pa nag po); and 8) the black Northern, or Ascending, Lunar Node, Rahu (sgra gcan nag po). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]