nyon mongs pa

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1) kleshas; 2) klesha[-ridden], disturbances, disturbing negative/ conflicting emotion, emotionality; 3) [defilement, passion]; 4) D misery trouble misfortune, pain, affliction; 5) be troubled / tormented by. (IW)

emotionality, misery, trouble, distress, any misfortune, be troubled, in misery, ignorant clinging, defilements, clinging to existence, misery of sin, SA nyon mongs, passion, negative emotion, passions, afflictive emotion, disturbing emotions. (JV)

disturbing emotions. The Five poisons of desire, anger, delusion, pride, and envy which tire, disturb, and torment one's mind. The perpetuation of these disturbing emotions is one of the main causes of samsaric existence. (RY)

disturbing emotion, klesha. (IW)

klesha-ridden, disturbances, disturbing emotion, emotionality, klesha, affliction, negative/ conflicting emotion, [defilement, passion]misery, trouble, pain phra rgyas klesha[s]. lus sems ma zhi ba'am gdung bar byed pa (ie. torment or mortify) dang / ngal dub tu gtong ba / tsa gdug che bas lus po nyon mongs pa / ma mjal yun ring song ba'i bar der sku khams nyon mongs par ma gyur tam. (IW)

disturbances, disturbing emotion, emotionality, klesha, affliction, negative / conflicting emotion, [defilement, passion]. misery, trouble, pain. disturbing emotion; passion, negative emotion, afflictive emotion; emotionally tainted. Syn phra rgyas. (RY)

afflictive emotion; emotionally tainted. (RB)

afflicted. See nyon mongs for a discussion of this translation. (DKC)