rang byung

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Miraculously/spontaneously-formed image. (RY)

1) naturally occurring w/o effort; 2) dharmadhatu, chos kyi dbyings; 3) Brahma is frequently referred to as this; 4) the natural world, nature. (IW)

self- (existing, originated, refreshing, generating, arising, born), absolute, ever-fresh, spontaneity, spontaneously (arisen, accomplished), innate, self-sprung, epithet of brahma, naturally occurring, natural, naturally arising. (JV)

naturally occurring/ self-occurring; (to occur) in and of itself; to occur naturally; naturally occurs; isvfc. self-arising [i.e. chos dbyings mdzod, 205.a.2 rang byung gi pad ma'i rgyal po, self-arising ruler Padmakara. (RB)

self-occurring, self-existing. (RY)

1) natural occurrence, ie. effortless; 2) dharmadhatu, chos kyi dbyings; 3) (met) Brahma (rang byung khams las 'das pa natural, self existing, self-emergence, self-born, self-occurred, miraculously appeared syn rang sangs rgyas - self-born - self-existing, spontaneously present, self-existent/existing, self-arisen, self-born, spontaneously appeared, natural syn rang sangs rgyas) (IW)

spontaneity; self-born; def. rgyu rkyen gyis gsar du ma byas pa; self originated; natural, self-existent, self-emergent, self-borne, self-occurred, miraculous appearance. Syn rang sangs rgyas; self-existing, spontaneously present, self-existent / existing, self-arisen, self-born, spontaneously appeared, natural Syn rang sangs rgyas; self-occurring; to occur in and of itself [RY]