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edit, proofread, correct (h [IW]
<noinclude><span class=TibUni16>[[བཀའ་བཅོས།]]</span><br></noinclude>
abbreviation of bka' 'gyur dang bstan bcos [JV]
edit, proofread, correct. (h) ([[IW]])
Syn [[bstan bcos]] [RY]
abbreviation of [[bka' 'gyur]] [[dang]] [[bstan bcos]]. ([[JV]])
  [[Category:Tibetan Dictionary]] [[Category:rydic2003]] [[Category:ka]]
Syn [[bstan bcos]]. ([[RY]])
  [[Category:Tibetan Dictionary]] [[Category:rydic2003]] <noinclude>[[Category:ka]]</noinclude>

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edit, proofread, correct. (h) (IW)

abbreviation of bka' 'gyur dang bstan bcos. (JV)

Syn bstan bcos. (RY)