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Short Biography[edit]

Manjushrimitra, Jampal Shenyen An Indian master in the Dzogchen lineage and the chief disciple of Garab Dorje. In his role as a master in the lineage of the Sadhana Section of Mahayoga, he received the transmission of Yamantaka in the form of the Secret Wrathful Manjushri Tantra and other texts. Manjushrimitra was born in the Magadha district, to a Brahmin family to the West of Bodhigaya, India and was soon an adept in the general sciences and the conventional topics of Buddhism. After having become the most eminent among five hundred panditas, he received many teachings and empowerments from Garab Dorje, Lalitavajra, and other masters and reached the unified level of enlightenment, indivisible from Manjushri. Yamantaka appeared to him in person, conferred empowerment and transmitted the tantras and oral instructions. Among his chief recipients of this teaching were Hungkara, Padmasambhava, and Hanatela.

During their seventy five years together, he received the entire Dzogchen transmission from Garab Dorje and after Garab Dorje's parinirvana, he divided the sixty-four hundred thousand Dzogchen verses into three series, the Mind, Space and the Secret Precepts; the latter was then divided into the Oral and the Explanatory sections. He hid the main text of the oral section in a rock to the east of Bodhigaya and sealed it with the sign of crossed diamond scepters. He then went to the Sosaling cremation ground to the west of Bodhgaya, where he taught his disciple Shri Singha, stayed there in meditation for nine hundred years.

He attained the body of light. His quintessential testament to Sri Singha was a jewel casket containing the "Six Meditation Experiences" (Gomnyam Drukpa). There seem to have been several masters with this name, but Guru Tashi Tobgyal in his Ocean of Wondrous Sayings to Delight the Learned Ones views them as being magical emanations of the same master.

See also Sadhana Section.[RY] (From the glossary to The Lotus-Born, the biography of Padmasambhava.)

Attaining the unsurpassable achievement,
A fountain of wishfulfilling teaching,
You showered mankind with your dharma:
Homage to Manjusrimitra.
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Literary Works[edit]

In English
  • Primordial Experience: An Introduction to rDzogs-chen Meditation
  • "Illuminating Sunlight" in: Wellsprings of the Great Perfection. Rangjung Yeshe Publications

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Alternate Names & Spellings[edit]

  • Rigdzin Jampal Shenyen
  • Jampel Shenyen
  • Jampalshenyen
  • Mañjuśrīmitra
  • Manjusrimitra
  • Siddhigarbha
  • Samvaragarbha

Other Reference Sources[edit]

  • Jampal Shenyen. Skt: Manjushrimitra (the first). A great Indian pandita of the Dzogchen lineage who was the chief disciple of Garab Dorje and later the guru of Shri Singha and Guru Padmasambhava. He was one of the eight Vidyadharas of India. He passed away 830 years after the Buddha's nirvana. Lit Gentle Splendor Spiritual Friend. [RY]
  • manjusrimitra, student of dga' rab rdo rje, teacher of shrisingha, author of books on Manjusrinamasamgiti, 2nd Manjusrimitra 125 years later who taught Padmasambhava [JV]
  • Manjusrimitra [RY]
  • Manjushri-mitra [I, [disciple of Garab Dorje, guru of Shri Singha, died 830 y after the buddha's nirvana, Nyingma vidyadhara connected w 1 of the 8 logos.] [IW]
  • Manjushri-mitra [IW]

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